Purity is a free purine & uric acid calculator to help those with gout easily and effectively manage their gout diet. 

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The Best App for Personalized Gout
Diet Management.


Research-backed Data

Purine and Uric Acid content data for each meal provided by scientific journals


Health Status

Color-coded daily purine intake status indicates when purine intake is too high, moderately high, or low


Purine & Uric Acid Calculations

Returns total Purine and Uric Acid Intake based on amount of grams or ounces



Expansive Datasets

Purity provides an expansive and diverse selection of food items including the popular fast food items.


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Purity is a 100% free purine calculator to help those with gout easily and effectively manage their gout diet. What separates this app from other purine calculators is the inclusion of popular fast-food items, diet recommendations, and information about a healthy gout diet and lifestyle.


Our purine data and food items are compiled from a variety of scientific journals and articles to ensure that the most accurate and up-to-date nutritional data are provided to users.


Our transparent provision of an expansive set of research-backed nutritional data will help users keep track of their purine diet and promote a healthier gout diet.

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The App.


Calculate your total purine and uric acid intake and get notified of your purine level status.

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